Sanfe Promise AHA 25% + PHA 5% + BHA 2% Face Serum Shots - 30ml – Sanfe Beauty


Sanfe Promise AHA 25% + PHA 5% + BHA 2% Face Serum Shots - 30ml

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For Glowing Skin, Smooth Texture & Pore Cleansing.

  • Exfoliates helps in stimulating healthy skin cell development and new collagen, turning to a brilliant complexion.
  • The peeling solution helps in speeding up the cell turnover process.
  • The trio of actives works in improving the skin tone and gives an overall brighter skin.

Exfoliates the skin | Promotes cell turnover | Brightens the skin | Even-toned skin | Prevents Acne & Breakouts


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What To Expect

Scent: Fresh
Texture: Silky, water-like
Feel on Skin: Cooling, slightly stingy, moisturizing
Will Make Sin Look: Glowy, minimize acne & scars

91% noticed oil control and smoothness on their skin.

AFTER 1 WEEK: 89% said their skin felt softer and appeared even-toned.
AFTER 3 WEEKS: 88% said their skin felt more brighter and hyperpigmentation minimized.

Active Ingredients

AHA 25% + PHA 5% + BHA 2%


How to do a patch test?

"1. Clean the area of your upper arm and apply a pea-sized quantity of the product. If you're testing it after a hot shower, wait for 15 minutes to return the skin to its normal state.
2. Massage the product on the skin in a circular motion.
3. Note the result after 24 hours. If you do not experience any redness, itching, bumps or irritation, then you can safely use the product."

How to store it safely?

"Store the serum away from the sun to keep the composition intact. Keep it away from children."

Is the peeling solution safe for skin?

"Chemical peels have a balanced pH and are completely safe for topical applications, provided they match your needs and fit your skin type. It is usually not recommended for hypersensitive or compromised skin. It is advised that the peeling solution should not be used on sensitive, abraded, broken, or compromised skin."

Does AHA PHA BHA peeling solution cause purging or breakouts?

"Chemical peels accelerate the cell turn over, and some people might undergo a purging phase as soon as they start with the skincare acid routine. However, this shall subside in 2-3 weeks. If the purge lasts longer than 6 weeks, quit using the product, and consult a dermatologist. He/she may revise the frequency of application of the product or adjust the dosage. Or, suggest an alternative."

Customer Reviews

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Nandakumar C


pravallika avala

Sanfe Promise AHA 25% + PHA 5% + BHA 2% Face Serum Shots - 30ml

Naresh Mandare

Sanfe Promise AHA 25% + PHA 5% + BHA 2% Face Serum Shots - 30ml

Rohit Kumar

Sanfe Promise AHA 25% + PHA 5% + BHA 2% Face Serum Shots - 30ml

Prachi Shah
Good Product

I’ve been using it since 2 weeks now, I think its a great product if you’re just getting started with chemical exfoliating, it is mild and does not irritate. I’ve been seeing changes in my blackheads and whiteheads, they are starting to fade little by little. Also see very minute changes in my skin texture.



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