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Pop Not Acne Kit

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Best Acne Treatment

Say adios to your pimple without poping. For pesky pimple emergencies, this acne clearing patch is an instant solution to conceal the active pimple under makeup and treat it overnight. 2 % Salicylic Acid serum is a gentle exfoliator that effectively reduces blackheads and breakouts on the skin. It further prevents excess to oil/sebum to combat acne and breakouts.

  • Patch conceals the acne & 100% hydrocolloid protects infected area from dust & bacteria.
  • Absorb pus, other natural fluids from acne, and quickly heals it.
  • Salicylic Acid fights acne, helps in drying out active acne instantly, and further prevents them.
  • BHA present in the serum regulates oil production on the skin.

For acne control

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What To Expect

Scent: Green & fresh
Texture: Slightly watery, light
Feel on Skin: Cooling, hydrating, oil-free
Will Make Skin Look: Minimizes acne & prevents breakouts

91% of the people felt a cooling effect after application.

AFTER 1 WEEK: 88% felt their pimples reduced by more than 50%.
AFTER 3 WEEKS: 80% felt their pimples completely vanished overnight.

Active Ingredients

Salicylic Acid 2%


What is the active ingredient in Pimple patches?

"Our pimple patches are made of 100% hydrocolloid."

Can it be used daily?

"Yes. It's a gentle, hydrating, and can be used everyday PM or as per your skin needs. When used during the day, always wear a broad spectrum sunscreen SPF 30 or above to avoid sun sensitivity."

Is Salicylic Acid safe for the skin?

"2% of Salicylic acid in serums, face washes, or a moisturizer is safe to use daily, but concentrated salicylic acid alone is not. 2% Salicylic Acid is optimal and safe for all types of skin, and it is tolerated very well even when used daily."

How to do a patch test?

"1. Clean the area of your upper arm and apply a pea-sized quantity of the product. If you're testing it after a hot shower, wait for 15 minutes to return the skin to its normal state.
2. Massage the product on the skin in a circular motion.
3. Note the result after 24 hours. If you do not experience any redness, itching, bumps or irritation, then you can safely use the product."

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Tejashree Sharma
Miracle Workers

I don’t know what magic is there in these, but they work like a charm. I put the disc on before bed and, depending on the severity, the pimple is either completely gone or significantly decreased. Now, I use the serum on everyday basis and it has made my skin softer and smoother.

Karishma Rapurohit
Works as expected! Good value.

So far so good with this kit. These do work and they have made my acne smaller, reduces inflammation and redness. Loved them and will definitely repurchase once I am through these. Must buy!

Tejal Nagpal
My face approves!

I am almost done with my first bottle of serum! And my face is looking better than it ever has! Even though I am almost out of the my serum and I am continuing with the acne patches. My skin looks redness free and breakouts have reduced.