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The Truth About HAIR SERUM In 3 Minutes

The Truth About HAIR SERUM In 3 Minutes

Hair serums have become quite popular in the beauty industry. But what are its benefits? How does a hair serum work for your tresses? With all the new-age hair serums in the market, it can be confusing to know which one is right for you. Previously, a hair serum was only a styling product. Nowadays, hair serum is available for each hair concern. There are different types of hair serums for different hair goals. Depending on the product’s formula, a hair serum might control frizz, add shine, or help in hair growth, or can even prevent greying of your hair. Some formulas may also protect against various forms of hair damage. Hair serums are formulated with ingredients that help to stimulate hair growth, boost healthy nutrients, prevent frizz and breakage.

How to use:

  1. Use it once a day, preferably at night. Apply a few drops daily on a clean, dry scalp using the dropper provided and massage thoroughly. These hair serums work on your scalp and hence, there’s no need to apply them to your lengths. 
  2.  Leave it overnight before rinsing it. Use this regularly for the best results.

Sanfe Stunner Dimethiconol Hair Maestro Serum

If you are looking to prevent premature greying of your hair, then your search ends here. This powerful serum is packed with actives like Dimethiconol and Alkyl Benzoate to prevent premature aging of hair follicles.

Sanfe Stunner Anagain Hair Maestro Serum

Frizz and unmanageable hair are some of the most common hair concerns. Anagain and Procapil are particularly effective when it comes to taming frizzy and damaged hair. Sanfe Stunner Anagain Hair Maestro Serum controls frizz and smoothens the hair texture to make it silky and shiny.

Sanfe Stunner Salicylic Acid Hair Maestro Serum

Controls hair fall & strengthens the length is our key hair goal. This serum is enriched with Salicylic acid and Ziziphus Joazeiro that help in controlling hair fall and strengthen the strands to save the hair length.

Sanfe Stunner Amino Acid Hair Maestro Serum

Winters season often makes the scalp dry, itchy, and prone to dandruff. Amino acid and Betaine duo in this serum controls dandruff, itchiness, and scalp dryness.